4 Concerts In November!

Aqua releases “Megalomania” and announces intense tour in Denmark.

Monday October 3rd. is the release date for Aquas long waited third album “Megalomania” – together with the release, tickets for a short but intense live tour in Denmarks most popular venues.

17/11-2011 – Aalborg, Skråen
19/11-2011 – København, Vega
24/11-2011 – Odense, Posten
30/11-2011 – Aarhus, Train

Lene, René, Claus and Søren has played around the world – and has been one of the most popular names on the danish festivals this summer, but has never played on a ‘real’ venue in Denmark, and thats why it was an obvious opportunity with the new album coming.

Lene Nystrøm Rasted says: “We are exited like little kids to enter these fabulous stages – and show the intensity and raw power there is in our normal set up, but here in a close and intimit experience both for us, and for the audience”


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