Get tickets to the shows 2017

We have known for some time now that the first show in Denmark (Rødovre), will have tickets go into sale at september 30th at 10 am (Danish time, GMT +1)

However yesterday we learned that the other danish shows in the cities Odense, Århus, Ålborg, Odense, Holstebro and Næsved will go into sale at october 7th 10 am (Danish time, GMT+1).

And be aware these are all early bird tickets, there will be a discount in price, however there are only a few tickets for early birds. The prices are as follows, BOTH for september 30th and october 7th.
349DKK – THE FIRST 250 stk.
379DKK – THE NEXT 250 Stk.
399DKK – THE NEXT 1.000 stk.
449DKK – THE NEXT 1.000 StK. (Or until all early bird tickets are gone)
499DKK CHRISTMAS PRICE BEFORE JANUARY 5th (Or until all early bird tickets are gone)
(source: Vi elsker 90’erne på Facebook)

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