50 Things About Aqua

Did you know that…
– Aqua is Denmark’s biggest pop success ever
– Aqua has sold in excess of 30 million albums and singles
– Aqua has been #1 in more than 35 countries
– Aqua has received more than 300 Gold & Platinum Awards
– Aqua has given more than 3.500 interviews
– Barbie Girl is still in TOP20 ’UK’s most singles sold ever’
– Aqua was the first non-UK band to have three consecutive #1 singles in the UK
– Aqua has travelled around the world 6 times and visited more than 25 countries
– At year end 1997-1998 Aqua sold 950.000 albums in 1 week!
– The new single ‘Back To The 80’s’ went straight #1 on Danish Radio on the first day
– Lene is left handed
– Lene hates wearing underwear
– Lene believed she was gonna marry Shakin Stevens when she grew up
– Lene has broken her left collar bone 2 times
– Lene believes in the theory of quantum physics
– Lene is a tree hugger
– Lene flirts to break the ice
– Lene has a huge temper
– Lene has started acting
– Lene is dead scared of snakes
– Claus is colour blind
– Claus once was a member of an industrial electro metal band who sampled from splatter movies such as Evil Dead
– Claus is afraid of getting his head under water after a near fatal diving experience in the Maldives
– Claus likes cognac and sprite
– Claus dislikes cabbage
– Claus grew long hair and whore big knitted sweaters like a high school teacher for a couple of years after Aqua split up
– Claus always has to pee 5 minutes before a show
– Claus bikes around town in Copenhagen, way faster than a car
– Claus hates to be the centre of attention
– Claus likes to keep people guessing
– All members of the band made an “end of world tour” tattoo in New Zealand in 1999
– Soren’s biggest interest besides music is Quantum physics
– Back to the 80s is recorded in 14 different versions.
– Brad Pitt personally wanted “Around The World” to be the official party song to his wedding with Angelina Jolie.
– Soren’s studio is named “Electron Studio” because of the line Rene is singing in My Mamma Said – Soren will be representing Denmark in “The World Championship In Sauna” 2010 in Finland
– Sorens first single was Trio “Da da da” and first album Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon”
– All the members in Aqua appears in a shopping window in a music video with “Hej Matematik” called “Centerpubben” – – Nobody can dive further than Soren……
– Aqua has never performed on stage with dancers.
– Rene is making small sounds when brushing his teeth
– For many years Rene was ironing his boxer shorts
– Rene spits over his shoulder if he sees a black cat no matter where he is
– Rene once went for a walk with his dog and came back with a dog and a small boat
– Rene is a wannabe chef and considers himself a bit of a genius in a kitchen
– Rene hides things he needs to remember in places where they are virtual impossible to find again – Often burbs quite loud when exercising hard
– Rene is afraid of spiders and snakes
– Rene falls asleep to pretty much any movie
– Rene once got his private parts stuck in his zippers when he had to hurry up during a costume change at an AQUA show